What Services For The Call Center In Cameroon?

What Services For The Call Center In Cameroon?

By definition, a call centre is a set of telephone workstations (computers) and teleoperators (agents) for telemarketing purposes. From the outset, a call centre works on inbound and/or outbound calls.

The activities of our call centre can be divided into four main categories which are: telemarketing, outbound calls, inbound calls, and digitisation. These four categories require a lot of different organisational tactics, qualities and skills.

Outbound calling:

In outbound calling there are several sub-categories. These include: prospecting, follow-up, information gathering, promotion and after sales service.

Prospecting consists of reaching a target audience by telephone (in this case) for telesales or appointment setting with the aim of offering them a service or product such as 1 euro insulation, cameras, etc. Promotion, on the other hand, detects projects to create traffic.

Calling is important in the commercial context. It is very much in demand by companies because it allows them to increase their turnover. To make call transmission there are more tools that must be used to equip the workstation of the teleoperator.

Call reception:

When we talk about call reception we see: retention, technical service, after-sales service.

Retention is essentially important for customer relations. This service allows the caller in the pub to cancel, reverse or delete an order or contract. The aim of retention in our call centre is to provide the customer with interesting offers that will keep them coming back.


Emailing, chat, digital campaigns, community management are the main axes of the telesecretariat that vip call center puts at your disposal. You can now keep your calm because far from your office, expert agents faithfully take care of all aspects of your services in this direction.


Automating, digitising services has become a must for all companies? What we do is to take note of your specifications and to propose you a digitalization system that efficiently meets your needs and those of your customers. You want to have a digital showcase of your company? It’s easy, just leave us a message. Our experts will get back to you right away.

Vip call center: a call centre that responds effectively to the needs of its customers. A reference in customer service outsourcing.

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