A Bad Customer Relations Centre Makes Your Customers Irritable

A Bad Customer Relations Centre Makes Your Customers Irritable

Our research indicates that consumers reach their breaking point when a contact centre calls too many times. Consumer frustration can also occur when the contact centre responds to a service call or medical appointment and struggles to resolve the problem or make an appointment quickly and efficiently. This lack of operator training can lead to frustration and anger, sometimes directing profane language at the agent on the other end of the line. This growing consumer rage at the many unprofessional call centres is having a significant impact on the customer experience, agent performance, and the Key Performance Indicators of customer relationship centres. Our call centre Vip Call Cameroon recently analysed over 600,000 calls to determine and anticipate the root causes of increased consumer irritability.

A bad customer relations centre makes your customers irritable

Eliminating consumer irritability starts with knowing why they might be irritable. According to research at our Vip Call centre in Cameroon, the underlying reason for irritable customers is that they don’t feel appreciated by the company they are calling or that the company doesn’t take into consideration their time wasted on the phone. We conducted several research studies in our call centre to find out the basis of these feelings. Our findings revealed that the main sources of frustration for customers calling a contact centre that does not prioritise quality or with unprofessional operators are

Having to repeat themselves from one operator to another
Failure to resolve their problem on the first call
A long wait before being routed to the right person
Misdirected calls after talking to a call centre employee

The above points inevitably lead to frustration or rudeness on the part of consumers in some cases. When callers feel that they are not a priority for your company, their frustration level increases. When this is coupled with your call centre’s lack of ability to handle even the most basic issues, annoyance turns to anger and your business and its reputation pay the price.

Our research also shows that customers want to be treated humanely. When agents in a customer relations centre rely on procedural scripts, they tend to ask mechanical questions that are irrelevant to the current situation. Increasing the irritability of an already unhappy caller. The inability of a teleoperator to ask the specific question to the customer’s request gives the impression that they are not listening, or worse, that they lack the necessary skills.

You will always find a small percentage of rude and disrespectful calls. However, there are steps that can be put in place early on in all customer/caller interactions to prevent this from happening. When choosing a quality call centre, it should be able to defuse all kinds of situations.

The impact of your customers’ irritability

While the use of some lay terms may vary, it is undeniable that consumer irritability is bad for business. Our analysis shows that calls from unhappy customers are on average 6.3 minutes longer than those without. It was also determined that for calls containing rude language, 49% of them continue to use it throughout the call.

Use irritability as a Key Performance Indicator for your call centre

If you are not paying attention to your customers’ irritability, you may be missing one of the most important measures of all. Note that the results referenced above are derived from the analysis of interactions with our Vip Call centre, so it is not always possible to get the same analysis and insight at the level of every call center.

Vip call centre measures the irritability of your customers on a daily basis in order to avoid many costly business problems and protect your brand. This way, we avoid failures in your process, product or service. Serving your customers better and configuring your agents for success has been the doctrine of Vip Call Center in Cameroon for over 10 years.

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