How does Position Rental work?

How does Position Rental work?

When a company wants to take care of its customer relations, it generally uses the services of an affiliated call centre or an outsourced call centre. However, in both cases, the same services can be found, such as telesales, call reception and call transmission. Besides these two main trends, there is a third option, which is the rental of positions.

This third option is similar to the outsourcing of the call centre, except that the renting of positions gives a greater margin of manoeuvre to the structure that needs it. In short, it consists of taking workstations from a call centre in exactly the same way as you would rent a house, flat or office. A workstation here consists of a workspace, a computer, a good internet connection, a headset, computer software, and a teleconsultant. This is called staffed position rental.  In this case, the client has the possibility to recruit and train his teleoperators himself. This is the non-staffed position rental.

What is the right position rental plan for you?

You have a company and you want to operate in another country? Do you already have everything you need, but lack office space and working equipment? Then the unstaffed position is just right for you. All you have to do is hire this service and put your call centre agents to work. The call centre that opens its doors to you will have nothing to do with your operations. You set up your own team and manage it according to your wishes.

Not satisfied with the above? Don’t worry, there’s staffed rental to meet your needs. In this case, you rent positions with professional and experienced teleconsultants. And if you take the time to look at things carefully, you will realise that this second option is less expensive than the first. The important thing here is that you need to know exactly what you want, what you expect from your host call centre before you make the choice that suits you best.

Vip call center offers you both possibilities of location. To meet the needs of our partners we thought it would be much more interesting to put these two options in our offers. To contact us just fill in this form and our marketing team will do the rest. Or call us on +336.

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